Level One

This workshop is designed to help new users get up-to-speed quickly and become familiar with their Smartphone.

You will learn a number of skills that will provide a practical foundation for use in your everyday life.

Level Two

This workshop is designed for those that want to take their Smartphone knowledge to the next level.


Our Smartphone Classes Will Include Training On:

"Get Smart – with our Smartphone Training Programs”.  Group training classes in a fun, intimate and relaxed environment at our centrally located training facilities.

Introductory Level 1, Advanced Level 1 and Level 2 classroom workshops daily with time limited introductory rates.
Customized one-on-one training also available especially tailored to Android users.

Introductory, Level 1 and Level 2 classroom workshops daily with time limited introductory rates.
It should also read – Introductory, Level 1 and Level 2.  Then the text underneath each is fine except for where it says Level 1 Advanced and will now read Level 1, the bullets should match the way the other bullets are done and so it should be:

Advance Calling Features

  • Block a call
  • Change Default Ring
  • Change rings for different users
  • Set LED Flash
  • Conduct a Conference call
  • Customize Voice Message

Other Phone Functions Done Manually

  • Texting including group
  • Predictive Texting
  • Clock – Set Phone Alarm
  • Take Notes
  • Make a calendar appointment
  • Set up weather

Use of SIRI

  • How to set up Hey SIRI, how to change SIRIS voice speak, speak audibly to get best results,
  • SIRI – use SIRI to text, set alarm, take notes, make a calendar appointment, set up weather
  • Additionally use SIRI for navigation, find something on the Internet, pick the best restaurant, etc.  

Other Phone Functions:

  • Lock screen rotation
  • Take Photos
  • Swiping
  • Security
  • Set password
  • Thumbprint access
  • Set Auto Lock
  • Activate Airplane Mode